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Jeannie Bruenning from A Silver Thread for polished and professional book layout and design

Jeannie Bruenning

Author – Publisher – Teacher

My favorite day at work, is the day an author receives the package

containing the first copy of their book!

I began my journey as a writer in 2008. It began with a little memoir Don’t Say Anything. Once I had the finished manuscript in hand, I began to explore the next steps. And the next steps were quite intimidating, and frankly, rather frightening. I discovered that publishers are more than reluctant to even accept a manuscript from a first time author unless they already have a significant platform and had some sales under their belts.

It was in the midst of this journey that I began to consider self-publishing my book and through this process A Silver Thread was born in 2009. As I researched and explored self-publishing options I learned a lot and was quite certain I couldn’t be the only first time author that had been in this place of “what next?” I then had a vision that perhaps A Silver Thread could save authors like me the frustration and intimidation of navigating the publishing process.

Today, A Silver Thread has grown into a boutique publishing company that works one on one with authors. Our focus is to create books that present a polished and professional look. A book that sets an author apart from the vast ocean of self-published books.

A while back I took the time to create an on-line course through Teachable.com that walks Authors through the publishing process called, Publishing 101 For Authors. It equips authors with the fundamentals of the writing and publishing process from idea to publication, insuring that they are making informed decisions as they enter the publishing phase of their writing. Check it out: A Silver Thread on Teachable.com