The Plan



Written by Jeannie Bruenning. Paperback.

The Plan is the first book in The Plan Series; an allegorical telling of scripture.

Arrogance and deceit caused the separation. Enough promises had been made to convince them to leave the Kingdom. Once outside the gates, all they found was darkness and regret. There was no hope of regaining what had been lost. But the separation from their beloved King was more than they could overcome on their own.

As the requests for forgiveness began to arrive at the Kingdom, there was one committed to find a way to lead them back home. A neutral arena would have to be established. Free Will must remain a part of the equation. No one knew if there was any chance of the fallen returning to the Kingdom. No one knew if redemption and forgiveness of that magnitude was even possible. It would require a sacrifice that was beyond their comprehension.

A blank tablet was the beginning. At the top of the first page two words were written: The Plan.

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