Written by Randy Ross. Paperback.

 The Great Commission is given to all followers of Jesus, not as a neat idea, but rather as an expectation. So if all of us are supposed to share our faith, why do we find evangelism so difficult? What exactly is Jesus asking of us? In GLOW, author/speaker Randy Ross begins a conversation about what sharing your faith could look like. It’s not a “how-to” book; there have been hundreds of those. This is a “what-if” book. What if all of Jesus followers took Jesus’ Great Commission seriously? What if we were able to eliminate things that get in the way of being the city on a hill that Jesus said we were? What if our times of stress and brokenness were opportunities to make Jesus known? What if we could just “glow” Jesus through our imperfect lives? What if you started to glow today, right where you are, and your story of successes and failures made people give Jesus another look?

GLOW is a conversation in reflecting the Light of the World. Join the conversation.


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