Written by Jeannie Bruenning. Paperback.

Life in a cafe is never dull. It’s a fast pace world that brings with it laughter, drama, crazies and some very bizarre moments. These are the stories I love from my years working behind the counter of coffee shops. 

Cafes are a special place. They are comfort, community and conversation. They bring strangers together and make them family. There is nothing else quite like it. So pour a cup of your favorite brew, settle in and find yourself sitting next to the fireplace of the local cafe.

1 review for Caffeinated

  1. Jeannie

    Delightful read with my Latte!

    This little nugget (coffee bean?) of a book sucked me in with its quirky characters and all too true stories of working in the service business! Quick, fun and delightful stories as you learn all about why you need that cup o joe every day! My face was sore from smiling thru these real life tales!

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