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Never judge a book by its cover…unless it is a book!

Layout + Design,

Editing, and Writing Coach,


Publish through A Silver Thread

Layout and design is the packaging that shouts to the reader,
Layout + Design $1500*

In an ocean of self-published books the layout and design of your work will set you apart. Formatting, font style and size, chapter heading, margins and page number placement are all part of the layout and design of your book. As one of our designers explains it, “It’s not my job to make your words sound good, it’s my job to make them look beautiful!” Layout and design is the packaging that holds your words.

Additional Fees:

Graphics, tables, charts – $50 each

Cover image and design – $600

*$1500 is for a manuscript of 200 pages or less. $100 for each additional 25 pages.

Writing Coach and Content Editing by A Silver Thread Publishing

Editing and Coaching Services
Getting Started Sessions – $400

Have you been dreaming about characters or visiting far away lands that only exist in your mind but not sure how to get them out of your head and on to the paper?  Don’t know how to get started? These four session are perfect for you. They will help you organize your thoughts, establish writing disciplines and develop your story line and characters.

Content Editing – $1500

As we move through your manuscript chapter by chapter, we will provide feedback and discuss possible options for improving your story. Content Editing focuses on the consistency of the characters, a flowing story line, and overall readability. Let us be your first reader!

*$1500 for manuscripts of 200 pages or less. $50 per each additional 25 pages.

Copy Editing – $2 per manuscript page

Not sure if you should use effect or affect, then or than, a : or ;, and is there a , after or before the word and? As an author, you have enough to do without spending your time on correcting spelling and punctuation errors. Let the professionals help you. Copy editing should be the final step in your manuscript preparation.

Publish with A Silver Thread Publishing


A Silver Thread offers two avenues for publishing. The first is to provide you with formatted files that can be up-loaded to most on-line publishing services. The second is to publish your work for you under the A Silver Thread Publishing umbrella. We will only publish manuscripts that have been formatted + designed through our Layout + Design package. 

Publishing Fees: $1000
  • ISBN assignment
  • The Silver Thread logo on the back cover and copyright acknowledgments
  • 1 proof copy (additional proofs $50 each)
  • distribution though Ingram (the largest book distributor in the US) and
  • on-line sales management through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other on-line distributors,
  • plus 5 copies of finished work.
Marketing Packages:
  • $300  Social Media: Up to 10 formatted images for postcards, bookmarks, and social media
  • $300 Business Cards or Bookmarks: 250 designed cards or bookmarks that reflect you and your book.  
  • $1200 WordPress Website: Author/Book focused website created in WordPress. Site includes Home, About and Blog page. Click here to see an example of a site.
    • Addition of Woo Commerce $800 – allows author to sell directly from their site. 

Hurry Home Hippo by Myra Boone

Children or Colored Illustrated Books

We love creating and publishing children’s books! However, publishing a full color book tends to require more time and is more expensive on all levels. Each book is as unique and different as their author and we welcome children’s book submissions. The cost for publishing varies depending on the degree of design work needed and length of book. Contact us so we can give you accurate pricing quote.


Help is on it's way through A Silver Thread Publishing for Professional and Polished books.


I have a manuscript. What do I do now?

We get it. We know the feeling. And we also know how to help you. If it be you have a large platform and are doing speaking engagements on a regular basis and are wanting to provide those attending material to walk away with, or you are dreaming of being able to share your story with your community, friends and family, we have exactly what you need to make it happen. And the best part, we love doing it. We are a one-on-one boutique publishing company and believe your story is worth being seen in print and placed on book shelves.


I have a book I published with someone else and I am not happy with the quality. What do I do?

Our hearts hurt and we deeply sympathize when we have an author come to us sharing their experience publishing with someone else and have been let down in the process. You may not be happy with the quality of the book or maybe it’s the way you were lead through their publishing process — it’s a sad truth that not every publishing experience will leave an author with a finished product they are proud of. But don’t fret. You do have options and we would love to share them with you.



I have an idea for a book. Where in the world do I begin?

This is the fun part. After publishing books since 2009, we have finally launched educational courses to help authors just like you. We strive to educate authors, writers and dreamers in all the areas of publishing. From getting your story onto paper (or screen), understanding the process of publishing, and tools + tricks to help succeed after going to print. We also offer throughout the year writing exercise courses that are intended to challenge, motivate, strengthen and inspire your creativity. To learn more and to sign up for a class, head on over to our school.



Publishing 101 for Authors

You have an idea for a book or perhaps, you have a finished manuscript – now what? The thought of publishing can be overwhelming. This course is dedicated to Authors and Writers, walking them through the process of book publishing. Providing terminology and options to prepare them for the next step in the writing process: publishing.

Five modules take you from writing the best story possible with the assistance of Content and Copy Editing, Design and Layout of your book, Pricing and Marketing, and the Publishing Options.