The Process


An author has an amazing epiphany! They can’t sleep because they are too ecstatic about what is brewing in their brain – so they get out of bed and start writing. They write, and write, and write. Soon enough, they scream “Eureka!” An uncontrollable desire to share their new creation with the world causes them to search high and low for a means to make that desire possible (Experiences may vary). That’s where we come in.

An author contacts us and the conversations begin. Jeannie (our Project Manager and fellow author) is your “go to” person. She will answer your questions and ask you several – this is when you get the chance to tell your “Eureka Story!” Once a contract is in place, our team gets to work.



Your manuscript goes through two different phases of editing. Concept Editing builds up and refines the story. What works, what doesn’t work? Are the 5 pages that explain why your grandmother never eats meatloaf on Thursday really important to the story? The Concept Editor dwells somewhere between the author’s words and the reader’s mind and tries to bridge the gap. Copy Editing is the final step taken before the book begins the design process; it consists of making sure each word, period, and phrase is grammatically perfect. The Copy Editor will make sure that you don’t have sentences with missing and check for tpyos and currect speeling (You saw what we did there. We might think we’re pretty witty). Both editing processes are extremely important and we won’t let a book go to print without it.


Once the manuscript is completely edited, the Design Team begins to make your book the reality you’ve been dreaming about. Designing the layout of each page, deciding what fonts best reflects that theme of your words, and designing the cover that will embrace your book is their passion. The design team will work one on one with each author, making sure the author’s vision for the book is never lost.



We offer Print On Demand (POD), which should save you garage/basement space as well as some lots of money. Also, your future fans will be able to purchase your book not just through our website, but Amazon, Barnes & Noble, other book distributers. When publishing with us, your book instantly becomes available on Ingram – think of it as the encyclopedia of books available from the #1 book distributor (this piece is HUGE and we love being able to supply this to our authors).

For authors who want a garage full of books, we have several printers that we work with who are happy to fulfill such orders! We also offer eBook and iBook formats.


This step looks different for every author. Selling your new beloved creation can be done through book fairs, speaking engagements, online store, local book stores, or other platforms you may already be established in. We are always happy to discuss possible ways you can begin to sell your book and we offer services that give you a leg up in the right direction. For some, the selling bit isn’t the important part. For others, selling is how you are hoping to provide for your family. Whatever the case is, we are here to support you and have several options to help you on your way.